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30/05/2012 23:43

VGEE 2.16 Released

VGEE 2.16 is now released! (if you downloaded a testing version released before May 30 please re-download and re-install the latest version).   What's new?   1. New file type support When selecting a a game via the Browse dialog box, you may now select .exe or .bat.  If...
25/05/2012 16:14

Coming soon

    To keep things brief, I've opened version 2.14a of my VGEE source code (don't know where 2.15 went) and have tidied up a few bits of code to hopefully reduce errors, as well as add functionality for adding .bat and .lnk files instead of .exe only.  Needs further testing...
18/08/2009 16:10

Icons for Windows 7 Internet Games

I'm currently developing E-Explorer on a Windows 7 RC1 x86 test PC during my reduced spare time, and am making Windows 7 compatibility a priority over Vista for now (will make sure it works ok in Vista later on).   After not hearing from Julius from Neowin in a long time (he provided most of...
18/08/2009 00:00

Another RSS Feed?

There are some out there who would like to be keptin the loop regarding how programming EE is going. I'll update this feed with features that I'm currently working on and challenges that I'm currently facing which are delaying my progress.   Standard users will not be very interested in the...
02/07/2009 23:30

One month later

    Creating this new website was a big reminder of how many people still use VGEE to keep their Game Explorer looking like a work of art. The amount of traffic on this site during June was 3x as much as my older Googlepages websites.   In just over one month, I've...
30/05/2009 17:36

New Website and VGEE Update

    If you use GooglePages or read tech blogs you've probably heard that the GooglePages service will soon be terminated, and sites migrated to Google Sites. I use Google Sites for other purposes, but it doesn't really suit my needs when it comes to the VGEE website. More...

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