One month later

02/07/2009 23:30

    Creating this new website was a big reminder of how many people still use VGEE to keep their Game Explorer looking like a work of art. The amount of traffic on this site during June was 3x as much as my older Googlepages websites.


In just over one month, I've had nearly 3000 unique visitors producing 18,000 hits, and 2.8GB of bandwidth used. The excellent statistics systems here have been able to provide me a lot greater detail as to where the visits come from, if they're browsing the site, or if it's just the program downloading the latest version of VGEE.


Since the bandwidth went way over the 1GB 'free' limit, I wasn't able to check these stats and update the website for most of last month. If the high traffic is consistant, I'll very likely sign up for a cheap plan to extend that. If you're ever looking to build a website, definately consider this service.

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