Coming soon

25/05/2012 16:14

    To keep things brief, I've opened version 2.14a of my VGEE source code (don't know where 2.15 went) and have tidied up a few bits of code to hopefully reduce errors, as well as add functionality for adding .bat and .lnk files instead of .exe only.  Needs further testing and then should be published sometime in June.


E-Explorer is pretty much dead but I'm planning on building something similar but simpler from scratch (dragging across background code and building a new interface). The plan is not to be as aspirational this time and just get the basics out there first, before worrying about new features. There is no ETA and this project won't be a priority for me as my week is already quite full with other activities (not to mention I also enjoy playing the occasional game too), but with some help and new libraries from Julius the brick walls shouldn't be as hard to plow through this time.

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