VGEE 2.16 Released

30/05/2012 23:43

VGEE 2.16 is now released! (if you downloaded a testing version released before May 30 please re-download and re-install the latest version).


What's new?


1. New file type support

When selecting a a game via the Browse dialog box, you may now select .exe or .bat.  If you select a shortcut file, this will just link to the .exe file as per before. However you can now change the filter drop-down box at the bottom right corner so that you can open shortcut files 'as is' including any command line arguments. The support for .url (Internet Shortcuts) is only to be used in conjunction with shortcuts to Steam games.


2. Improved Box Art support

You can now paste the URL to an image file in the Box Art box and click the Refresh Box Art button and VGEE will download the file for you (so that you don't have to save it somewhere first). Box Art images scale better in the preview box.


3. Improved Steam Game support 

Simply type in the Steam Game ID if you know if it and the App Exe Path box will automatically show your Steam.exe path. Or just click Browse, change the filter to show .url files, and double-click on a Desktop shortcut that you created from your Steam Library. The blue URL has now changed to show your Steam Library instead of an incomplete list of Game IDs.


4. Home Page and Icon fields

Since I was unable to locate the VGEE 2.15a source code I started updating the VGEE 2.14 code that was backed up. This means that the older icon fields show up instead of the Home Page URL one. Home Page information is just copied from the Publisher URL box at this stage.


5. Auto-installation of updates

64-bit versions of Windows were unable to automatically launch the setup file of a new version of VGEE after it was downloaded to a temp file, this will be resolved if there are any future updates of VGEE released.


6. Bug fixes

Added some error-checking code to reduce the number of unhandled exceptions based on error reports sent in by some users.

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